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Recent Work

These are some latest projects and observations by Abhishek. In this website, you can find and learn more about his research, data-driven projects, courses, and opinions.

Networks & Communication

research document | 2020

Collective behaviour in digital societies

IMT PhD Thesis  

A collection of three applied data science essays on peer influence in Scratch, polarization in Twitter, and politicization in Guardian. Find slides, abstract, and full text of the thesis here →

Decisions Under Influence

research article | 2020

Peer influence in an online social network of collective learning

Online Social Networks and Media  

With Massimo Riccaboni, we investigate how users in the online learning platform Scratch are influenced by their peers' production popularity to decide to create new projects. Find full article here →

Message Credibility Matters

comment on research | 2019

Echo chambers and polarization may not be the same phenomenon in social media

BioMed Central Blog  

Check out the related research article on information credibility which was published in Palgrave Communications by me and Paolo Pin here →

Politicized News Attracts

working paper | 2020

Collective attention to politicization of information: The case of...

With Christos Nicolaides, we show how readers make sense of politicized contexts in news articles, and participate and engage in discussions -- in higher volumes than without such politicization. Continue reading →


business analytics | forthcoming

The real (business) value of recommendation systems  

A recent experimental research has shown that estimates of new sales created by recommendation system, as in Amazon, are usually over-estimated! Let's understand this better here. Coming soon.

The Basics

course | forthcoming

Principles of data science

What's the difference between statistics and machine learning? Check out this explanation ↗. Are you convinced? Did it make sense to you? Let's wait for an interesting course, with hands-on insights, on the basics here. Available in May 2021

About Me

Abhishek is an applied data scientist with interest in understanding human behaviour in social, business, and economic contexts. He practices yoga, and likes playing table tennis, cooking, travelling, and photography. He is interested to collaborate on research projects and innovative ideas with social impact. You can find some more information here.