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Collective behaviour in digital societies

IMT PhD Thesis
Advisors:   Massimo Riccaboni, Paolo Pin
Reviewers:   Arun Chandrasekhar, Giorgio Fagiolo
Committee:   Nicola Dimitri (Chair), Giorgio Fagiolo, Tiziano Squartini

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Peer influence of production and consumption behaviour in an online social network of collective learning

Abhishek Samantray, Massimo Riccaboni
Online Social Networks and Media, 2020

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Credibility of climate change denial in social media

Abhishek Samantray, Paolo Pin
Palgrave Communications* (Nature Research), 2019

*has been renamed to Humanities and Social Sciences Communications since June 2020. However, please use the name Palgrave Communications to cite this article in your work.

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Peer Influence in Large Dynamic Network: Quasi-experimental Evidence from Scratch

Abhishek Samantray, Massimo Riccaboni
Complex Networks and Their Applications VII, 2019

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Some open access data sets for your use. Please contact if there is any concern.

Data and code for: Credibility of climate change denial in social media

Abhishek Samantray, Paolo Pin
Harvard Dataverse, V1, 2019

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Unpublished Manuscripts & Reports

Some select unpublished manuscripts with important results. Please feel free to extend the work or use in your work. To cite, (i) use details provided inside the manuscript, else (ii) use the URL address of this webpage, names of authors, and the title.