Network Analytics Course

Network Analytics

A course on various tools in network science.


Network science is the study of various phenomena that relate to relationships or connections, given the context. It helps to understand complex systems by the use of right perspective and modelling.

Networks are everywhere -- in nature, in society, in markets. Therefore, it is a very broad and multi-disciplinary subject. There is something to learn from each discipline. Network science enhances the perception on issues, compared to when existing inter-connections are neglected in data analysis, and also provides you many tools to analyze different aspects of networks.

In this course, we will focus on the tools to analyze network data, irrespective of the context. Context-specific phenomena will be discussed using the use of various examples. Prior knowledge on basic mathematics and statistics will be required. Supporting material is available within the course.

We will study several processes on networks like diffusion and path analysis. We will see statistical network models like ERGMs, SBMs, and others. We will see important algorithms, dealing with big data, and predictions on networks.

Learning Objective

At the end of this course, you will be able to deal with network data, identify situations where network modelling is appropriate, and choose and work with the best methods available. You can extend your study to specific fields of applications, depending on your interests. You can work on industrial applications, do research in network science or in any domain where network modelling would be helpful.


Lectures will be available in due course.

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