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Freelancer, SAP Consultant, Blogger, Amateur Writer
Hey Friends, I am Abhishek, popularly known as Abhi among my friends. Professionally I am a freelancer with expertise in SAP CRM Functional, Data Analysis, Sentiment Analysis and Testing but personally I have a passion for writing. I am an avid blogger with many active blogs running on the internet. I am a born thinker, empathy comes naturally to me. Reading and Music is what rejuvenates me.


Things that I work on.

I can help setting up your first Wordpress Blog. From your portfolio Page to a full blogging website, I set it up for you.

Being an avid blogger I can help you set up your custom domain blog and all the customization for your blog.

I run multiple content blog / websites. I also write content for other website. From translations to content writing, I do it all.

I run a website for SAP CRM Functional Training. I do freelance training and support for this field

I do all type of data related work, be it data mining or data analysis. I also provide help in data entry.

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Data Entry



My Websites

Knowledge Stall - Your Place For Knowledge

Love Poem - Collection of Romantic Poems

SAP CRM The Easy Way - Tutorial and News

Think India - News Articles and Facts

Meri Baatein - A Hindi Blog

Mahfil - Hindi Poetry, Songs and Ghazals

Car Ki Baat - A Hindi Car Blog

Ehsaas Pyaar Ka - A Hindi Romantic Story Blog

Tech Info Fire - Comming Soon


My thoughts.


My Websites (IV) Knowledge Stall

About Knowledge Stall    Knowledge is what separates a human being from an animal. Though animals learn too, but we start learning from the very moment we open our eyes in this huge world. As soon as we reach a particular age of learning, we opt for learning through reading. Newspaper, Books, Magazines and now, […]


WordPress Website Development

First of all without getting anywhere, let’s see what is Worpress and what do we mean by WordPress Website Development. WordPress –  WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. WordPress is installed on a web server, which either is part of an Internet hosting service or is […]


Setting up a Blog with blogger

You know about blog, right? Blog is nothing but an online diary or a journal. It can be a personal page or a portfolio page or your online diary or a news portal. There are many websites which allow you to host blog but the widely used website for making blog are wordpress and blogspot(blogger). […]

Content Writing

Content Writing

As a  website content writer I write relevant content for website. Generally I write content for Automotive websites or News portal. As a website content writer I understand that every website or portal has a specific target audience and requires different type of content which should attract readers. I generally do Content Writing in my […]


My Websites (III) [ Love Poems ]

So here we are, with love blossoming in our hearts, with warmness in our souls and scent of romance surrounding us all. Now a day, it’s a very common speculation that this world has changed drastically, people have become materialistic and true love has not to be found anywhere. But it is simply a single […]


My Websites (II)

Think India     Think India’s mission is to find discuss and share some workable solutions to the problems from any sectors in India, be it social, political or any other. Here we will also provide you information regarding India. Think India will be also sharing some awesome articles from entertainment, sports, business and other […]


My Websites ( I )

Four of my blog website are written in Hindi.  मेरी बातें मेरी बातें ब्लॉग को मैंने करीब छः साल पहले शुरू किया था. यहाँ पर ज़्यादातर मैं अपनी कहानियाँ, कवितायें और लेख लिखता हूँ,  मेरे अपनों की, दोस्तों की, परिवार की बातें. शहर की और आसपास की बातें जो मैं देखता हूँ और महसूस करता […]

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